About Us

Since 1908, when the first product in our catalogue was the 'Neverbend Shovel', to the present day, Winget has been known around the world as a manufacturer of good quality construction equipment. Buyers know that their Winget machines will be reliable and durable. So often we hear from buyers who have bought cheaper mixers only for them to break down with a drum full of wet concrete and with men standing around waiting to lay it? Unreliable machines can end up as scrap after a very short working life because spare parts are not available. Winget offer, at least, 98% parts availability from stock, on current production machines. So, choose Winget, the brand you can rely on. People who do purchase Winget machines usually return to buy more, because they trust us, our products and our service. They know that if you buy cheap, you buy twice!

Our UK factory is situated in Bolton, in the North West of England. On site we have our metal fabrication facility, assembly area, painting and finishing department, parts storage and logistics, design, parts and sales offices and all other administration functions.

For more than 20 years, Winget has proudly retained our ISO9001 certification and our Quality Management System is fully audited to the 2015 revision. Our customers can be confident in not just our products but also our parts and service back up and sales response times and service standards.


For more than 100 years Winget have set high standards in the manufacture of construction equipment. Our concrete mixer and site dumper ranges utilise heavy duty, high quality components and our UK factory employs strict control of build quality. This results in market leading reliability that minimises expensive downtime and durability that ensures many years of hard working service. These values, when combined with 'second to none' after sales service and parts availability have led to a happy and loyal customer base that appreciates the benefits of our long-term value for money ethos. In particular, we shall:

• Seek to establish and continually improve an effective Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015

• Liaise with all relevant external bodies and work with our own staff to improve our quality performance

• Seek to ensure compliance with existing and future legislation and any other statutory requirements or applicable requirements to which the company subscribes

• Identify and set organisational goals to ensure that we are continually improving the standard of our products and services

• Provide appropriate training for our staff

• Maintain and monitor client satisfaction and implement any improvements where practicable, with a view to continued improvement within all departments

• Discuss quality issues regularly at the highest levels of the company and consult with our employees on all matters affecting the quality of our products and services

• Liaise with customers to help identify and anticipate future key requirements and to provide them with the perfect solution

• Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

• Communicate this policy to all staff, people working for or on behalf of the organisation and members of the public upon request

Sound management principles and practices shall be applied to meet these commitments, and to achieve demanding performance objectives. We shall set those objectives annually; wherever practicable, they shall be measurable and we shall monitor our progress towards meeting them.

Details of our scope, objectives and performance may be obtained by writing to our Managing Directors, who will also welcome any observations on the quality system.